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33200 Hwy 281 N. Unit #2
Bulverde, TX 78163

ph: 210 797 6406
ph: 210 800 1257
Warehouse: 210 455 6957


33200 Hwy 281 N. Unit #2
Bulverde, TX 78163

ph: 210 797 6406
ph: 210 800 1257
Warehouse: 210 455 6957



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Rustic tile

Terracotta tile gives wormth feel to the ambience.

Terracotta tiles before the final finish. 


It is common after the instalation of the Terracotta tile that the rest of the workers such as Electritians, Painters and Land Scapers will make a mess of the tile but as it has the poroper sealers it can be easly clean.

The Terracotta tile in a cover patio.


Once the Terracotta tile has been properly sealed it can be easily return to its original look.

Primer sealer in Terracotta Tiles

This is a good example of having the porper  primer sealer, on the edge tile it has no sealer and on the 16x16 it has the primer sealer, on this particular case it had a water leak and the tile on the edge was runied however nothing happend to the one on center.





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Clay Tile Installation

The method for handling handmade terracotta tile and saltillo tile is very important. Our customers can have peace of mind knowing that their order will be handled by experts and delivered on time. Our tile is crated in bundles of 1500 lbs. or less, so it can be handled by a lift gate.


Handmade clay tile packing method San Felipe tile
Hand made Terracotta tile crates Hand made Terracotta San Felipe tile

Steps for Proper Installation

1. NEVER WET THE PIECES. Use thin-set for installation with a 1/2" applier.


2. Use a 1/4" to 3/8" joint.


3. Seal the tile with grout release sealer so excess grout can be removed easily.
TIP: Match your grout color to your tile. For example, if your tile is a reddish color, use red grout.

4.  After the terracotta tile has been cleaned, allow it to dry completely, and then use a dry vacuum to remove any dust or debris. Then, apply a high quality sealer. Contact us for a recommended sealer for your area.



5. Finally, apply the to bring out the tile’s color. Make sure not to use too much wax – this will create a build-up that will be difficult to remove later.

 Hand made terracota San Felipe tile

Enjoy your beautiful new floors for years to come! Contact us with any questions.






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